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Horoscope Virgo for 2020 (Paperback)

Horoscope Virgo for 2020 By Alex Magic Cover Image
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This amazing book was written by the great astrologer of our time. The author is a professor of psychology, a doctor of astrology and parapsychology at the London School of Astrology. A successful astrologer of our time, the author of subject books and the founder of the school of astrology, Alex Magic, where he teaches according to his own methods, which has long established itself as the strongest and incredibly effective."The expression happiness fell on his head Virgo fully recognizes in 2020. Indeed, there will be nothing to complain about - work for joy, mutual love, and travel will give a lot of impressions. In other words, you will plunge into such a pleasant madness that you will begin to thank fate for every moment. Horoscope for 2020 Virgo predicts a busy life, but business employment is not excluded. Numerous acquaintances, negotiations and trips are possible, so do not especially relax. The flow of incoming information should be carefully analyzed in order to get ahead and make a career.In the year of the Rat, do not be nervous and worry for no reason, take care of mental health. Otherwise, you can easily find yourself in such a disadvantageous state, after which even small charms seem like an expensive gift. In summer and autumn, Virgo will have to deal with everyday life, household chores and solving financial issues. But, if you take it all with mind and arrangement, then success is inevitable.Horoscope for 2020 Virgo recommends staying away from self-serving, ambitious people. Here you are definitely waiting for a catch, so do not forget about your affairs. Plunging into a routine, be sure to weigh the pros and cons. In the process of creative work, think more about the benefits that it will bring to you. Whatever mercantile it is interests, or the desire to achieve fame and honor. In the love sphere, Virgo does not bother to renounce illusions. You idealize your partner to such an extent that he no longer knows where to hide from criticism and nit-picking.At the end of 2020, the astrological forecast promises Virgo a real firework, which will slightly blind and intoxicate. But these are dangerous "lights", after which you can really go blind and get a portion of deception even from your loved ones. Couples need to strengthen relationships with the help of romance and tenderness, which you undeservedly forgot about when solving everyday problems.What to expect Virgo in 2020 in each month...
Product Details
ISBN: 9781655255069
ISBN-10: 1655255061
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: January 1st, 2020
Pages: 68
Language: English
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