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Poisons: An Introduction for Forensic Investigators (Hardcover)

Poisons: An Introduction for Forensic Investigators Cover Image
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A unique book on recognition and investigation

of criminal poisoning for investigators

of all backgrounds and stages of their careers.

Poisons: An Introduction for Forensic Investigators is a concise yet comprehensive overview of toxicants and unanticipated circumstances in which poisoning occurs. This book expands awareness of poisoning possibilities, heightens recognition of the toxic potential of many substances, and provides information to aid in focusing investigations.

Poisons discusses life-threatening toxic substances and agents that modify behavior to achieve criminal goals. These include drugs that facilitate sexual assaults and robberies, and those found in medical child abuse and drug-product tampering.

More than 230 case studies illustrate both unintentional and intentional poisoning and highlight situations where poisoning may not immediately be apparent. Information is included in pertinent criminal poisoning cases to illustrate the temperament of poisoners, their relationship to victims, their basis for poison selection, and their method of administration.

Since Poisons is written by a single author, the discussions, format, educational level, and terminology remain consistent to aid crime scene investigators, homicide detectives, forensic scientists, death investigators, toxicologists, medical examiners, attorneys, and students. The book's more than 650 references are an asset to frame knowledge as well as a resource to return to again and again.

About the Author

David J. George, Ph.D. is a clinical toxicologist and general pharmacologist with broad interests and extensive experience in both academia and the pharmaceutical industry.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781498703826
ISBN-10: 1498703828
Publisher: CRC Press
Publication Date: October 12th, 2017
Pages: 386
Language: English