The Odyssey: Comfortable Classics (Paperback)

The Odyssey: Comfortable Classics Cover Image
By Homer, Samuel Butler (Translator)
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Designed specifically for students of literature and bibliophiles. We are pleased to bring you the complete and unabridged text of this classic book. Because this is the original work by the author, you may find slight differences in spellings and punctuation than those you're used to seeing in more contemporary books. However, we felt it important to keep the text as it was originally written. Our hope is that you will take full advantage of this special edition. These books were designed specifically for students. So feel free to let your highlighter flow over our nice, white pages to mark the passages you find interesting or remarkable. Go ahead and fill our generous margins with your thoughts and insights. Years later, when you pluck this book off the shelf to read it again, not only will you revisit this world, but you'll be reintroduced to your younger self. And for those of you who despise sticky notes or dog-eared pages in your books, we've added a special place for you to record your own notes along with their corresponding page numbers in your very own Personalized Index on the last two pages of this book. We also think you'll love the way these books will look on your bookshelves. We've done all of this because we'd love for you to build your own literary legacy library by collecting more great works published by Comfortable Classics Yours truly, The Comfortable Classics Team.
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ISBN: 9781537066974
ISBN-10: 1537066978
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: October 26th, 2017
Pages: 464
Language: English