Body Love Food Peace: Ten Practices to End the War (Paperback)

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Are you locked in an incessant, exhausting battle with food and your body? Ending the war requires learning to love yourself unconditionally, right now. There's an inevitable crossroads on this journey: Continue to live with the agony of hating your body and fighting with food, or do the work that leads to peace. Body Love, Food Peace reveals the practices leading to: - Freedom from the madness of dieting and constant weight loss worry - Eating with moderation and joy - Bringing grace-filled, conscious awareness around craving and binging - Uncovering and healing the root causes of your suffering - Learning to hear and respond to what your body truly needs.

About the Author

Terri Leichty is a holistic health educator, coach, and mentor based in Boulder, Colorado. In addition to a social work degree, she has completed certification programs in wellness coaching, Kripalu Yoga, group fitness instruction, personal training, and an advanced health and fitness specialization. With nearly 30 years of experience serving in a wide-variety of wellness, fitness, health care, and human services settings, Terri specializes in helping women heal from emotional eating and body image issues. From her personal journey of recovery from disordered eating and body hatred, she brings a uniquely empathetic perspective to the coaching process. Her wellness philosophy is about having fun, nurturing creativity, enjoying moderation, and harnessing the power of daily gratitude. She's ready to talk about a new brand of not about deprivation, diets, or weight loss...but instead the joy, vitality, and improved health available through fierce, unconditional self-love. Terri is a yogini, avid reader, and lover of mountains and beaches in equal measure. Her greatest joys are being married to her best friend and mom to two amazing adult children. Ready to dive deep and start your healing journey? Terri offers virtual and in-person coaching for individuals and groups. Start the conversation at
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ISBN: 9780999144800
ISBN-10: 0999144804
Publisher: Terri Leichty
Publication Date: July 7th, 2017
Pages: 256
Language: English